Your Questions About AC Repairman

Sharon asks… Question for an ac repairman Ive been unable to use my AC for 2 months because the AC repairman said there are holes in the air ducts and that is why all the cold air is going outside. I live in a trailer and the ac repairman felt inside one of the vents […]

Your Questions About Air Conditioner Repair

Steven asks… An air conditioner repair person has repairs to make at 7 different home.? In how many orders can the repairs be done? please answer. steve answers: Prioritize all jobs!!! Do the most urgent one first. Such as find out if there are any children, pets, or elderly that will be extremely affected by […]

Your Questions About Hvac Repair Parts

Ruth asks… hvac repair Do higher efficiency gas boilers cost more for repair parts and do they have more parts? My parents had a newer boiler than mine. When they had a gas valve replaced, it cost nearly $500. I called a different HVAC company and they said that it was about right. I am […]

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