Your Questions About Air Conditioner Repair

William asks…

My car air conditioner blows hot air on passenger side. What is wrong?

I have a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo. When the air conditioner is running cool air blows from the vents on the driver’s side but nothing comes out of the top vents on the passenger side and hot air comes from the floor vents.

Also, the air flow on the driver side doesn’t seem to be as forceful as it should be.

What might be the problem and how costly of a repair am I looking at?


steve answers:

The vent has either came off or the little vacuum unit that opens it has gone bad,,there not expensive to repair,,you can get a used one at a junk yard for about 10 bucks,,i own a repair shop,,and do it all the time,,it takes about an hour to do,,good luck with it.

Carol asks…

time to cool a house – recently repaired air conditioner?

I’m trying to figure out if my recently-repaired air conditioner is working. I have a 2500 square-foot split-level house in which the A/C was just repaired 2 days ago (I was away when it was repaired, so I don’t know how hot it was–over 85 degrees, I would guess). Last night, the house was still running at about 80 degrees, and this morning it is around 75. I’m not sure if the drop in temperature is due to night-time cooling, or the proper functioning of the A/C. Does anyone have an educated guess as to how long it takes to lower the temperature in a house such as mine? Thanks very much!

steve answers:

If it is working properly the air conditioner will drop the air temperature 15 to 20 degrees F. What is coming out of the registers should be 20 degrees cooler than the room temp and more like 15 degrees if the humidity is high since more of the cooling will be used for humidity removal.
The time it takes to get to the target temperature setting will depend on the size of the air conditioner you have and the outdoor temperature.

Mary asks…

How much should I expect to pay for a new air conditioner and furnace?

Need to replace my current air conditioner and furnace that is 16 years old. Was told better to replace than try to repair? Any info appreciated!

steve answers:

16 years is not that old (1995 model). Just get an air conditioner repair price and call a few more for estimates.

Michael asks…

how to fix air conditioner on 1995 ford aerostar?

My 206,000 mile 1995 Ford Aerostar a/c just went out. The air conditioner compressor does not come on and when i put a Gauge on it there is no pressure. How should i proceed if i want to repair it myself. I do all my own work on my cars, but never have had to do air conditioner work. Should I change the compressor and hoses. Or should I start with putting some dye in and see where it leaks.

steve answers:

While you may be able to be the parts changer for the hard parts, you cannot get the freon to put into the system. A Licensed Tech is the only person that can purchase and install the gas/oil into the system. Then you’ll also need the proper tools to do the work. The gauge set, vac pump, fittings. And the chart to know how many pounds of freon to install into the air conditioner.

Linda asks…

My air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Should I call a repair man?

I have a two story home with 2 separate air conditioner units cooling the house. It just started to get over 100 this week and we are noticing some issues. We usually have both thermostats set at 78 until we go to bed, when we change it to 75 upstairs only. There have never been any issues with this. But this week, the upstairs seems to be MUCH hotter than usual. The temperature creeps up to 82 and stays there until it gradually drops to 75 at close to midnight. I know it’s been VERY warm outside, but we didn’t have this issue last year. I went outside to look at the unit, but there is nothing blocking any moving parts and there is also no sign of anything being frozen. We do have ceiling fans on which seem to help. The filters were just changed. Should I call someone out? Wait until the temps drop? I don’t want a $500 light bill!

steve answers:

Usually, the air doesn’t blow as cool as it should when you have a freon leak. So the repair people refill the freon and find the leak and fix it. You should have it fixed because, as you say, when the ac runs too much the bill gets huge. And it’s been over 100 here for days, and with an ac running correctly, you can get to hold 78 degrees without problem.

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