Your Questions About Air Conditioner Repair

Helen asks…

Home Air Conditioner question.?

OK, so here is the deal….. I moved into a new house in Dec. It is three years old. The person whom lived here before me was never here. He told me himself, that he hardly ever ran the furnace or the air conditioner.When I had the house inspected, they found out that one of the vents in the crawl space was laying on the crawl space floor. I was told it was re attached and was fixed. The unit is made by Goodman. This house is a 1700 square foot house. The AC did not work at first since I live in KY and we have had some hot weather lately. I called the warranty people, they filled unit with freon as they stated it was empty. They ran dye into the system. It worked for three days, then back to blowing warm air. So they came back out, found out the compressor had gone out in it. Freon was still in the unit, and no leak detected thru the dye.They installed a new compressor (all under warranty). AC has been working fine since they did this air conditioner repair three days ago. So I go to work today, I have the thermostat set for 65 degrees, come home and the house shows a temp of 68 and the AC is blowing cold air full blast. The temp outside when I came home was 88. Now the outside temp is 77 and my thermostat shows it is 66 in the house. (so it has now come down that much). Here is my question….is this normal, or does this house have a cheap ass Goodman AC system that is way to small for my house ? I cant afford this air conditioner unit to run all the time throughout our hot Summers here in KY. Any ideas ?

steve answers:

The best way for the home owner to check the air conditioner unit is to check the air temperature at the filter then check at one of the vents. If your system was perfect you will have 24 deg. Difference between the two. But perfect is hard to get. If you have 18 to 20 deg. You are doing good. Your compressor should stay off for about 20 minutes. Good Luck

Laura asks…

Air conditioner problems?

The inside unit is working fine, meaning the fans inside are working but the outside unit is not turning on at all. The fan spins if we spin it ourself, counterclockwise or clockwise. When it worked it made this click noise then would turn on, now it only makes that click noise & does not turn on. Nobody messed with it, just came home from work one day to notice the air conditioner was not cooling. Any ideas on what’s wrong with it? And how much is it to repair the air conditioner it? It’s only six years old btw. Sorry a lot of info but the other questions I seen didn’t have much info & jus got a bunch of answers asking stuff about it. Any help is appreciated.

steve answers:

Woof may be correct that a contactor could be a cause. Also could be a failed capacitor or a broken wire. If you are comfortable around high voltage you can do a few checks. TURN THE POWER OFF AT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER box inside the house for the outside A/C unit. Then check the service disconnect at the condenser (outside unit). Is it turned on and if a pull-out disconnect are the prongs fitting tightly into the disconnect? Next, remove access panel on the air conditioner condensor where the power goes in. Are all wires unbroken and connected? There is a round or oval metal can called a capacitor-before touching anything AND WITH POWER STILL OFF you need to ground the cap’s terminals to the frame of the condenser, 1 terminal at a time to discharge any power in the capacitor. The capacitor has 370 volts, so ground it for safety’s sake. Ok, after grounding, is the cap leaking Fluid or bulged like a spoiled can of food. If so, it has failed and must be replaced with the same rating as the original one.
If you have a volt meter you can carefully check for voltage coming into and out of contactor. But at this point you may want to call an air conditioner repair company.
Good Luck

Steven asks…

Old Air Conditioner – Can The Rattling Be Dealt With?

My airconditioner is 13 years old.
I’ve been using it for about 4 months per year.

It provides adequate cool air.

However it rattles as if its skeleton is falling apart.
If I remove its casing is it likely that it would be reasonably easy to
tighten things and get rid of the rattling?

Or is it more likely that unrealistic repair effort would be necessary,
such as welding, to prevent the rattling going forward?

(It’s heavy and tucked into a tight high spot so I want to avoid this
venture if I am unlikely to succeed.)

Thanks to anybody with Air Conditioner experience.

steve answers:


-Turn off power to anything you work on before trying this-
Clean the blades on the blower wheel (“squirrel cage”) to eliminate shaking.
The motor may also need replaced if it has been damaged or warped a shaft.
The blower cage itself may need replaced if it has been damaged or set off-balance for any reason


You can fix the top fan “cage” rattling issues by re-drilling holes to mount it or sometimes simply tightening the current bolts used for it.

You can fix wires tapping against the unit with tie straps, be careful – turn off power to the unit.

You can fix compressor noise by using a compressor “blanket”, and any mount noises by buying new mounts at an a/c supply house.

You can mount the entire unit on rubber pads.

You can fix corroded or bent metal braces etc by bending metal of same gauge and using a drill and hand operated rivet gun, or short sheet metal screws (be very careful not to screw into copper pipes).

Clamps with rubber gaskets on them can be used on tubing that is clanging.

Rubber stripping or nuts/bolts with rubber gaskets can solve your coil “cage” rattling issues for you, on the flat sheet metal style coil covers you will need to use rubber strips if you cannot stop the rattling by adjusting the screws that hold it.

Any fixes quieting the unit down will very likely extend the life of the air conditioner at the same time.

Mary asks…

Air conditioner compressor?

I was driving somewhere and when I got out, I saw steam coming out of my engine. When I went back to drive home, my steering wheel wouldn’t turn as easily as it should. I took my car in the next morning, they said something was leaking causing the steam and my air conditioner compressor was faulty and told me that had something to do with the power steering – they wanted $1,000 for the repair of the air conditioner compressor. I told them to go ahead, but later had second thoughts because I think they might just be pushing compressors. I thought I overheard them telling someone before me that theirs was faulty as well, plus they had a picture of the AC Compressor on the wall. Is that price too steep? Do you think I was scammed?


steve answers:

Compressor locked up and belt wouldn’t turn power steering pump or water pump.

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