Your Questions About Air Conditioner Repair

Charles asks…

Can an air conditioner repair make me have upper respiratory symptoms?

I have asthma and we just turned on our home air conditioner. There is almost an acrid, particulate smell that has really caused me problems. When we first turned it on, the smell was really bad. The air conditioner repair man said the refergerant pressure was fine and could not find anything wrong, but I am miserable. Can you test for a refrigerant leak?

steve answers:

If it is just moisture from the pipes sweating and it settles in your walls or home this could cause Mold to grow at the point where the moisture settles. Mold is nothing to mess around with either, especially if you have asthma. I would have a professional air conditioner repair company come in your home and do a more thorough check and tell them you situation.

Good Luck and have a good day!

Mark asks…

Air Conditioner repair problem?

The air conditioner in our home was broke Friday and Sat. and an air conditioner repair man came to look at it. He discovered mold in the coils of the unit and told the landlord it needed to be replaced. I’m not sure what is happening because my family and I are living with my brother-in-law at the moment and he talks to the landlord. My concern is my children breathing the air in the house. My son has asthma and my daughter is starting to cough. Even if he replaces the unit do you think it is still safe to live in this environment for the kids?

air conditioner repair

steve answers:

Make sure the ducts get cleaned too
and thats the best it can be done.
Your call after that …..
Get a mold test kit and send it in asap
my guess is it is as safe as any where u will find in the area.

IF properly fixed and cleaned.

Mandy asks…

Home air conditioner isnt working?

The outside unit is running but the air handler doesnt seem to be. All breakers and switches also look like they are on. The unit is only 2 years old… im not sure if that makes any difference. There is no air comeing out of the vents. I tried the heat also and still nothing. I put the fan from auto to on and nothing. Anyone have any ideas? Im kind of in a tough spot. I dont have money to call an air conditioner repair man Its getting pretty hot outside and I have small children.

steve answers:

It could be a number of things… So I recommend reading this article and trying to implement some of the solutins: Hopefully, one of those fixes will do the trick and get your air conditioner repair on track.

Laura asks…

Faulty Air Conditioner, company not honoring warranty?

On June 6th of last year I purchased a $500 Haier Air Conditioner for my Office. It worked almost a month, the the circuit board went out, they sent an air conditioner repair man out who fixed it. I started using it again in March, Circuit board went out again, sent another air conditioner repair man, he fried the circuit board by wiring it incorrectly. They sent another air conditioner repair man (reminder about 2-5 weeks between each repair man) This repair man not only managed to fry the circuit board, but messed up the  compressor also. So now I have to wait until June 16th because there is a delay, ironic because the warranty expires 10 days prior on June 6th. When the original delivery date was May 31st until the “delay”.
The air conditioner was the only source of cold air I had in my office. I have all the receipts and everything, this company is ridiculous, the repairs and parts add up to $1200, which would have replaced my air conditioner 2 and a half times, but they insist on me staying in a boiling office, trying to run my small business, and they blow money on parts and workers that can not even maintenance the machine properly. What should I do about this? I am considering the BBB, but I am not sure. Any suggestions would be great. I am going to be royally pissed if they delayed the delivery to offset my warranty. I’ve used the AC for barely a month in one year, this is ridiculous.

steve answers:

Don’t consider, go to the BBB site on the internet or call direct, give them the info and they should be able to assist you in contact with manufacturer, sometimes on the net they ask for your requested outcome, put in there “replace unit with new” Best of luck!!

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